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Daryl Weisser Biography

Daryl Weisser is a 'freelance' photographer based in Prescott Valley, AZ. His wide range of subjects covers anything from Blues musicians to Horse Show exhibitors.

During his photographic journey, Daryl has focused mainly on capturing the essence of a Blues performance, or a Horse Show contestant's ride.

He has had his work featured in various Blues publications, such as Southland Blues Magazine, Blues Festival Guide, Big City Blues, as well as horse related magazines such as, The Horsetrader, The Reiner, Quarter Horse News, and many others.

"I enjoy being around these talented people, in their environment, and I strive to capture the moment that best describes their talent. It's an ongoing process that is continually changing and challenging", he says.

Daryl's appreciation for the beauty in nature is another side he enjoys during less hectic moments. "Just watching a beautiful sunset over a pristine lake, or studying the subtle details of a colorful orchid, are times we should always treasure and enjoy".

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